Meet the Team

Casey Bashford

Casey is the owner and Director of Out the Gate. Casey was a dairy farmer for 17 years before establishing Out the Gate Equestrian. Years of pleasure riding and Polocrosse combined with her wealth of farming knowledge means that Casey is able to hand on her expertise to customers not only with respect to horses but also through a wide range of other areas – grazing, growing pasture, and nutrition.

Dave Tokelove

Dave is a Director of Out the Gate Equestrian, and works alongside Casey to Manage the business. He is a passionate engineer, and is able to complement the saddlery services with a range of Engineering, which facilitates the repair and modification of floats and where required the custom design and manufacture of anything that may be required to transport or stable your horses.

Rochelle Kerkmeester

Rochelle has recently joined the Out the Gate team and is a valued and knowledgeable asset to our team. Rochelle brings a wealth of equine knowledge to Out the Gate having ridden since childhood. Outside, Out the Gate, she breaks in horses and is a coach at the Te Puna Pony club.


You’ll almost always find Indie at Out the Gate, normally curled up on her mat next to Dave’s desk.

Indie is Casey’s old farm dog, who now enjoys the easy life as a valued member of our family.

She loves a pat and is spoilt by many of our customers who love to give her attention every time they come in.

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